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Found Treasure!

Today’s finds:

  • The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall Smith [I know, I know, but I really like these books…something about the way the main character Mma Ramotswe calls her husband, “Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni” just tickles me. Maybe I should start calling James “Mr. J.M…..” ….nevermind. Anyway, it was $0.49, and under a large pile, I must say.
  • Cute capris $3.99
  • Fun Ben Sherman polo for spring $2.99

It’s no secret that I love to thrift. Although I must admit that it is rewarding to pay 3.99 for a beautiful piece of furniture or $0.49 for a great read, the cheapness of thrifting is not what keeps me picking up a coffee and heading to Salvation Army on my day off….

…it’s the idea of finding treasure.

I LOVE discovering a longed for book or shirt in a pile of unwanted, cast off items! I have such fun getting home, washing skirts, scrubbing vintage dishes, oiling that old wooden piece and fixing the hinge, just to find that it’s a perfect fit! I love sorting through a huge, unruly bin, as I do at our local shop, grunting and lifting piles of dusty books, just for the joy of discovering (as I did today), a slightly tattered, but beautiful child’s book, pages intact. Beautiful. Today? Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg, Caldecott, Grand Rapids native and fabulous children’s author. Happy me. Oh, and how about the AWESOME shirt and pants I rescued and washed…adorable capris with a big shiny button on front. Perfect for spring (which, I hope, is around the corner). Then there’s the oh so perfect quilt that I pounced upon with glee (the exact vintagey Ralph Lauren print that I had been wanting for months but didn’t buy…. $6.99!)  A nice hot washing machine bath and tumble in the dryer, and it has become this winter’s coziest blanket and best friend, along with my green tea. There’s something wonderful about finding an unexpected treasure on a hidden shelf…I think that may be half the excitement…not knowing what I’m going to find on any day, any trip to Amvets or Goodwill….And, my [ahem, new] rule is that each time I go to the thrift store, I have to bring something with me to leave there. Or I won’t be able to walk in my own house in a few years. There’s something unpleasant about bring home squeaky things with boxes and tags…so even when I do buy something squeaky clean and new, like this beautiful new doll for my little niece, I run home and get it out of the cardboard as quickly as possible, and sew it a cozy little blanket of vintage fabric. Sigh. So much nicer.



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