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i heart Maine.

These are some of my favorite Maine sights. James and I loved our time in Maine…the rugged rocky coast and the icy blue water were almost too beautiful to believe. One day we’ll have a farmhouse or a coastal house in some wooded, rocky area like this. Until then, we happily make our life in our cottage in NJ, thankful for these days.

The arrival of the fall days means that summer vacations are over, but I’m glad to be nestling in, making the house warmer, taking out winter clothes and blankets. Even the 2 weeks of rain have brought a sort of welcome coziness to the necessity of staying indoors. My fall candles are lit, and I am ready for the cooling nights of autumn, and will be thrilled at the first snowfall. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons…they seem to be seasons of quiet reflection, of conversation, and staying warm together. The cold, dark evenings are good times for writing, thinking, praying. I welcome the cold and the dark, knowing that we will be warmed and cheered by firelight, tea, and blankets inside.


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even the wind and the sea

And the men┬ámarveled, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?”

Matthew 8:27

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